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Tenants Information

Here are some great tips that are simple common sense and little things that can help you be a great Tenant. Being a great Tenant, while important to the Property Manager, it is even more important for you and your own future.

Read and Understand the Tenancy Agreement that you sign - Your Property Manager will go through this document in detail with you, so during that time there are no silly questions. If you have a question or you don't understand something please ask. Be sure to file a copy in a safe place for future reference. Develop an understanding of the rules and your rights. Understand what you have signed up for.

Talk to us. Communication is very important between Tenant and Property Manager. If something isn’t working or something has broken, tell us or you are not sure about something, ask us.

Be a respectful neighbour.   Treat those how you would like to be treated. So be aware of the noise level with music and voices. Be respectful of others rights to peace and quiet. Have pride in your rented property by keeping the grounds neat and tidy. This is good for you and the street.

Always be honest. The last thing you want to do is lose the trust of your Property Manager. Your credibility is one of your greatest assets as a new tenant and this is very important for a good relationship.

Respect your rental home.

Ensure that you and your visitors respect your rental property as you are ultimately reasonable for any damage that may occur. This will ensure the return of your Bond Deposit and a positive reference that can assist with your renting future.

Tenancy Services

Tenancy related forms are available from Tenancy Services NZ, the government bond agency. You can view their forms and other information here;

Giving Us Notice

Maintenance Request

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