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Giving Notice? FAQ

Fixed Term Tenancies.
When you are coming to the end of your Fixed Term Tenancy, we will contact you to confirm whether you would like to renew your Tenancy.

I want to vacate before my Fixed Term Tenancy expires?
If you want to leave the property before your Fixed Term Tenancy expires, please contact your Property Manager. It could be possible to find a suitable tenant for the property that may be able to take over the rest of your Tenancy. There will be an advertising and administration fee, and you are liable for the rent up to when the new Tenant can actually move in – This includes the 2 working days we always require between Tenancies.

Periodic Tenancies.
You are required to give 28 days written notice. If you wish to vacate before the 28 days, you will still be liable to pay the full 28 days rent, unless we can find a suitable Tenant to rent the property earlier.

My housemate wants to move out and I have found another housemate, what do I do?
Before your new housemate moves in, please contact your property manager to arrange the transfer. Your new housemate will need to fill in an Absolute Rentals application form and successfully complete a credit check. We will need to add them to the Tenancy agreement and bond form. The departing housemate will also want their bond back, and you will need to arrange this. There will be a charge to arrange this transfer.

Property Viewings.
After you have given notice and during the notice period please be understanding that we may require access to show prospective Tenants through the property. We will always provide you with notice of viewings and a Property Manager will always be present during the viewing.

Final Inspection.
Your Property Manager will complete your final inspection when you have finished all you’re cleaning, removed your belongings and handed the keys back to us. You can arrange a time suitable to both parties, otherwise your Property Manager will complete a final inspection alone and will contact you with final report. You may be asked to return to complete further cleaning or garden work that is required before your bond can be refunded. To save you time and money we provide you with a helpful check list to make the moving process easier. If you follow this you will get your bond back quicker and save on additional costs and hassle.

Tenancy Services

Tenancy related forms are available from Tenancy Services NZ, the government bond agency. You can view their forms and other information here;

Tenant Vacate Letter